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Many people prefer Bubeneč for its accessibility, public facilities and closeness to two popular areas – Stromovka and Letná. Bubeneč is also said to be a diplomatic neighbourhood with many embassy offices. Beautiful villas, gardens, museums, galleries, arts, architecture of many styles and interesting history – all in one neighbourhood.

There are two beautiful parks full of vegetation at the immediate vicinity of Bubeneč Gardens. The access to the building is from Roosevelt Street. A garden in front of the facade of the building provides the residents with a feeling of calm and privacy. Stromovka – a forest park located along the River Vltava –provides visitors with a feeling of calm and ease because of a large green area where they can engage in various social and sports activities.


  • Stromovka Forest Park along the Vltava River
  • Playgrounds for your kids
  • Architecture of surrounding buildings
  • Excellent restaurants

Culture and Leisure Time

A popular Czech theatre.

The largest and oldest library of technical literature in the Czech Lands.

Tennis Courts

There are tennis courts and a tennis school in the neighbourhood.

A well-known puppet theatre with a tradition going back more than 90 years.


The Pellé, Lanno, Bílek and Suchard villas.

17 tees, 350 m2 of putting, chipping, children’s corner.

Excellent Restaurants

Restaurace Kulaťák, Kavala, Sushi Bar Sakura.

  • A sought-after Czech scene
  • Tennis courts and tennis school

Great Accessibility